This 10-channel transmitter is remarkable technology in its own right. Its built-in colour screen not only supports the 5.8GHz video downlink, but can also facilitate first-person view (FPV) without the need for separate components. This Android-powered transmitter shows a wealth of telemetry data on screen and allows the operator to have total control of the CGO series camera. The transmitter can be operated in Modes 1-4 merely by making the change on screen in the operating system.

  • Operating System Android™
  • Number of Channels 10
  • Control Transmission Distance/Range (Optimum Conditions) FCC Compliance: Up to 800m (2624.67 ft) CE Compliance: Up to 400m (1312.34 ft)
  • Robust Radio Control Modulation Yuneec Protocol
  • Video link Frequency Band 5.8GHz
  • Video Transmission Distance/Range (Optimum Conditions) FCC Compliance: Up to 600m (1968.5 ft) CE Compliance: Up to 300m (984.252 ft)
  • Flight Systems Telemetry Data On Screen Display (OSD) Yes
  • LED Backlit LCD Screen Capacitive Multi-Touch 4.5”
  • Tactile (Vibrating) and Audible Feedback Yes
  • Built-In LiPo Battery Voltage / Capacity 3.6V/5200mAh 18.72Wh
  • Charger Auto-Charge Mode via Micro-B USB Cable with AC to 5V DC USB Power Supply (Included)
  • 1 x ST10+ transmitter
This transmitter can also be used with the USB flight simulator.