Typhoon H February 17 2016

Not too long ago Intel invested 60 million USD into Yuneec. It didn't take long for us to see what that would yield. This Spring, Yuneec will be releasing the most technologically advanced prosumer drone to date - the Typhoon H. 

It's a very exciting time to be interested in drones. Here's a breakdown of some of the features mentioned.


Unlike the DJI Inspire series, the Typhoon H camera has continuous rotation, meaning you can just keep spinning the camera forever. A nice feature.


Previously, the Typhoon drone could follow you along a linear straight path, with altitude change automatically. Now, it goes one step further. It will actually orbit you, keeping you as the star of your own movie no matter what. This could be done previously using the controller. Now you're completely hands free.


It's a fancy name for waypoints. Waypoints! Fully autonomous plotting of a path for your drone to follow, complete with rotation, speed, elevation controls, the works! This is awesome.


115 degrees Field of View, 30 frames per second 4K video. Wow.


Yuneec is famous for their quick release gimbal setup. Now they are introducing a FLIR camera gimbal for the Typhoon H that makes this package transcend consumer use and enter into the professional usage category.


In addition to the already award winning safety features such as Active Home technology, double geo-fencing, etc, etc, the six motor Typhoon H can actually get home and land with only 4 motors intact. This is a great step forward.

Additionally, the Typhoon H will have basic obstacle avoidance built-in. Here's where Intel comes in though, with their RealSense technology. Complete obstacle avoidance is here! Think of a Microsoft Kinect on a drone. 


A hard shell backpack, two batteries included, the same six month warranty on every unit sold; we could go on all day about why this is the unit you want more than anything.