Flock of Drones February 27 2014

Over the last couple of years there have been a lot of videos of "coordinated" drone movements that have wowwed and impressed the masses, myself included. That is, at least, until we started digging behind the scenes and realized that every single one of these videos was employing a bit of smoke and mirrors to get that wow factor.

All of these videos were in closed indoor areas, with several cameras viewing the entire area. Those cameras would relay positional data to a computer, which would in turn update each drone to be "aware" of the positions of the other drones.

The truth is, not a single drone had any idea where it was in relationship to any other. The computer and its camera "eyes" handled all the heavy computations.

Once I realized this, the team at X4 Drones agreed that it would only be impressive and honest once someone figured out how to get this happening outdoors. I mean it's not like you can take a roaming studio setup with you on the go, right? You know what I mean.

Well, someone has done it, and it's glorious. The video isn't sexy and exciting, but there is a lot of meat and information so please set aside some time and digest everything in it.