Drones Gone Mild February 11 2014

It doesn't matter how many times we say the word in our head, the first thought that typically comes to mind in the drone bombings in the middle east. It's simply what gets the most exposure in the media.

But instead of asking the questions "Am I being spied on?" or "When will drones start attacking us?" why not your mind to task on these questions instead:

  • Can drones save my life?
  • Can drones help kids cope with autism?
  • Can drones assist in managing wildlife and natural resources?

There are many non-lethal applications of drones. In fact, one group believes in drones so much they've organized a Drone Social Innovation Award competition.

"To spur innovation, investment, and to bring attention to the positive role that civilian drone technology can play in society."

With backing from some big banks and exposure on prime time media, the competition is really "taking off".


One group teaches kids with Autism how to build and fly their own drone aerial video:


Another group is using drones to map migration patterns for endangered species of birds:


Another group utilized drone videography to make a commercial promoting the Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve:

How are you using drones for good? How much more good could you do with $10,000? You have to ENTER to find out!