X4 Drones Commercial Systems January 31 2014

Thank you for your ongoing participation in our X4 DRONES VIDEOGRAPHY SURVEY. Your feedback continues to help us explore more commercial applications we can be involved in.

Earlier today, a happy X4 Drones customer and I were discussing the possibilities of LiDAR systems with the upcoming H109S X4 Pro unit.

"Anything's possible." I replied with a grin, and an enjoyable conversation ensued.

What is LiDAR and of what use is it?

That's right. A drone mapping out its environment in three dimensional space which can then be used for object modelling in a 3D program such as Cinema 4D by Maxon. I'll leave your mind to digest the staggering implications this could have on so many fields of industry.


The sad truth currently for drones, however, is that LiDAR is quite heavy, and quite expensive for any practical applications. A cheaper alternative to LiDAR is GiS, and the most reputable and knowledgeable when it comes to drone videography is Drone Mapper.


Of course, then a company like Exact Maps has to come along and release a trailer video for a light weight, under $10,000 drone LiDAR system that looks absolutely breathtaking on an octocopter.



If you are still wondering why I enjoy the work we do here at X4 Drones, take some time to watch this presentation from 3D Robotics drone mapping expert Brandon Basso.