H109S Shipping Date January 17 2014

A quick update on the highly anticipated H109S.

Originally, we were told end of January for shipping of the product. Now our Hubsan rep is telling us mid-March for pre-orders. This is very typical Hubsan, and I adore them for it.

You may be saying "What?" at this point, as Hubsan is notorious for underestimating its time to market, and it frustrates a lot of hobbyists and retailers.

For me, I'm thankful they do this. That tells me the Quality Control teams are in charge; not the marketers. How many times have you bought a product whether its a smartphone, a video game, or some other high tech item, and it simply shouldn't have been released to the public yet?

We've all done it. That, my dear friends, is far more infuriating than waiting an extra month or two for the manufacturer to get it right.

So Hubsan? Please, take your time. Get this right. When I unbox my first H109S and sail it into the sky, I want it to be a glorious, flawless experience, and I know you can deliver that to me if you're given the time.